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True Happiness Is Of A Retired Nature, And An Enemy To Pomp And Noise; It Arises, In The First Place, From The Enjoyment Of One’s Self, And In The Next From The Friendship And Conversation Of A Few Select Companions.


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A Misery Is Not To Be Measured From The Nature Of The Evil, But From The Temper Of The Sufferer.


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Exercise Ferments The Humors, Casts Them Into Their Proper Channels, Throws Off Redundancies, And Helps Nature In Those Secret Distributions, Without Which The Body Cannot Subsist In Its Vigor, Nor The Soul Act With Cheerfulness.


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An Ostentatious Man Will Rather Relate A Blunder Or An Absurdity He Has Committed, Than Be Debarred From Talking Of His Own Dear Person.


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If Men Would Consider Not So Much Wherein They Differ, As Wherein They Agree, There Would Be Far Less Of Uncharitableness And Angry Feeling.


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How Beautiful Is Death, When Earn’d By Virtue!
Who Would Not Be That Youth? What Pity Is It
That We Can Die But Once To Serve Our Country!


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Man Is Distinguished From All Other Creatures By The Faculty Of Laughter.


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I Value My Garden More For Being Full Of Blackbirds Than Of Cherries, And Very Frankly Give Them Fruit For Their Songs.


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If You Wish Success In Life, Make Perseverance Your Bosom Friend, Experience Your Wise Counselor, Caution Your Elder Brother And Hope Your Guardian Genius.


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