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If There Are No Stupid Questions, Then What Kind Of Questions Do Stupid People Ask? Do They Get Smart Just In Time To Ask Questions?


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The Best Way To Compile Inaccurate Information That No One Wants Is To Make It Up.


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Ask A Deeply Religious Christian If He’d Rather Live Next To A Bearded Muslim That May Or May Not Be Plotting A Terror Attack, Or An Atheist That May Or May Not Show Him How To Set Up A Wireless Network In His House. On The Scale Of Prejudice, Atheists Don’t Seem So Bad Lately.


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Nothing Inspires Forgiveness Quite Like Revenge.


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Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes. Art Is Knowing Which Ones To Keep.


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The Best Part About Being My Age Is In Knowing How My Life Worked Out. Sure, There’s A Lot More Living To Go, But There Isn’t Much Doubt That I’ll Always Be The ‘Dilbert Guy.’ Unless I Go On A Crime Spree, In Which Case I’ll Be ‘That Stabbin’ Dilbert Guy.’


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‘Wrong’ Is One Of Those Concepts That Depends On Witnesses.


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Men Live In A Fantasy World. I Know This Because I Am One, And I Actually Receive My Mail There.


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